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 “First and foremost, we avoid situational ethics, and, instead, do what is right regardless of the outcome." - Brian Failon
True North Foliar’s founder, Brian Failon, has been in the chemical industry since 1980. His career started as a summer intern (for college undergraduate science majors) at Nalco Chemical Company, the worldwide leader in Industrial Water Treatment (IWT). After receiving a BS in Chemistry from The College of William & Mary and an MS in Chemical Engineering from The University of Virginia, he began full-time in Nalco’s Mining Chemicals R&D department in late 1984.

From 1988 until 1999, he served in Albright & Wilson Americas’ Water Management Chemicals group in a variety of technical service, marketing, and sales roles, focusing on IWT applications (and others) for a range of organic and inorganic phosphorus derivatives. For the next ten years, from late 1999 to 2009, he was an integral part of a start-up, Compass Chemical, with a focus on sales, business development, and technical functions. He left in 2009 to start his own business.

It was in the mid-1990s, while at A&W, that he gained the experience in agricultural and wastewater treatment applications that formed the basis for the eventual launch of True North Foliar in mid-2013. To learn more about Brian, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Brian Failon
President & Founder

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