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Our Field

True North supplies bulk liquid N-P-K nutrients that are often blended with other components before being sold/applied to groves, orchards, and fields. We generally do not sell directly to growers, since we do not want to compete with our customers. Our job is to provide building blocks for the types of year-round nutritional programs that are being increasingly acknowledged as key to healthier, more disease-resistant, and more productive plants.

The Treatment

Products include primary nutrients (N, P, K), secondary nutrients (Ca, Mg, S), and micronutrients. We have particular expertise in phosphites (PO3), since our founder was actively involved in this chemistry at the time of the Aliette® patent expiration in the mid-1990s. They are highlighted in bold italics below. All products are available in bulk tank-truck quantity. Most are also available in 275-gallon tote bins, and some are available in railcar quantity.
P-K only [many custom variants available]
Assay  Composition Micros
0-30-30 Potassium phosphite x      
0-28-26 Potassium phosphite x      
0-20-20 Potassium phosphate x      
32-0-0 Urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) x     
9-0-0 + 11Ca Calcium nitrate, CN9 x x     
15-0-0 +16S Urea sulfuric x      
12-0-0 + 6Fe/2Mn Urea plus chelated iron/manganese x    x  
0-54-0 Phosphoric acid, green/amber x     
0-25-0 Phosphoric acid, by-product x       
0-60-0 Phosphorous acid (PO3 acid) x      
0-0-29 Potassium acetate x     
0-0-25 + 17S Potassium thiosulfate x x     
Other [many custom variants available]
20-7-0 Urea phosphoric x     
7-22-0 Urea phosphite x     
0-0-0 + 6Ca Calcium acetate   x  
Citric acid anhydrous Chelating agent for micros      
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