Phosphorous Acid

A key raw material used in Oilfield Production Chemicals (OPC).

Phosphorous Acid

Not to be confused with phosphoric acid (H3PO4), this is H3PO3. And though the structures appear similar (see graphic), phosphorous acid is used in a completely different set of applications. True North Foliar offers aqueous solutions of 70% Phosphorous Acid, PA-70, in a range of purities.

Applications for Phosphorous Acid

The largest application is arguably as a raw material in phosphonate reactions, which are widely used in Oilfield Production Chemicals (OPC) as scale inhibitors --- primarily for Calcium carbonate, and Calcium and Barium sulfates. Generally, a lower purity PA-70 is required, since finished product appearance is usually not critical. ATMP, DETPMP, and BHMTPMP are some of the common antiscalant acronyms.

Another key application is for the manufacture of EPA-registered fungicides based on Potassium (K), Sodium (Na), and/or Ammonium (NH4) Phosphites. True North Foliar offers “generic” forms of many of these compositions (read more about these compositions here). A higher purity of PA-70 is required for this application since certain impurities are not suitable for plants. Finished product appearance (color and clarity) is also almost always important.
One other application takes advantage of phosphorous acid’s functionality as an antioxidant. PA-70, almost always High Purity, is used as a process additive to minimize color formation during chemical reactions to make PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and other polymers, surfactants, and amines.

To learn more about Phosphorous Acid's role in OPC's or other applications, and to purchase bulk quantities, reach out to us today!
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